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Ethernet Status - Missing LAN Status Bar Icon

Ethernet Status adds the missing icon in status bar to indicate the connection status of wired ethernet similar to WIFI icon. WIFI has an icon built in MacOS, but there is none for ethernet status.

What people think


Realtime Monitoring

Monitors ethernet connection in realtime and updates status and icon

Network Device Info

Get hard to get ethernet device information like maker and model

Supports multiple ethernet connections

Have more than one ethernet connections to different network? No problem. Get info and status for each of them

IP Address & Status per device

Shows IP address (ipv4 and ipv6), MAC address and Public IP address

Covers different types of connections

Direct Ethernet Port, Ethernet dongle over USB, Ethernet to Thunderbolt adaptor, VPN - all covered

In your language

App is localised in German, French, Dutch, Chinese (Simplified and Traditional) and Japanese. More on the way


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